Make a Choice to Make a Change

change make it possible

Is there something you want to change about your life or something you want to improve upon? Today is a new day to start. Decide upon something you want to change and do something to make it happen. Really focus upon it and do this for 2 weeks. Demand this of your mind. Join me in this mission/adventure in becoming a healthier you.

After 2 weeks come back to my page and let me know if and how things have changed for you. I’d really appreciate hearing your stories, either on my page or by private message on my Facebook page  (you can also stop by there for daily inspirational messages)

I want everyone to be a better version of themselves. I want a healed world. 

I like to incorporate mind, body, spirit and soul.
I am also an intuitive oracle reader who offers this on my

Please comment below on what you would like to change, improve and focus upon and I will pick an oracle card for you if you would like one.  Please comment if you do.

Let me know if you will dedicate yourself to do something for the next 2 week

On Monday I decided I wanted to be a healthier version of myself.  So I created a plan on what I wanted and felt I needed to do.  I rearranged my daily routine.  I know that sometimes it is easy to fall off the routine, I’m usually pretty good at it but I have fallen away from my routine from time to time for different reasons.  This time I will not allow it.

I wanted to give myself 2 weeks to do things on a daily basis with no excuses and see how I feel from the effort I put in.  I want to see a shift in my mind and body.

When I looked at the calendar oddly I realized in exactly 2 weeks from when I decided it would be my birthday.  I know I was intuitively guided to do this.  It’s a great birthday present to myself.  And I want to share my inspiration to the world.  It would be a great birthday present to see more people healed with a fresh mindset ready to move even more forward in your life no matter where you are at now.

A few examples:

Walking / Yoga / Exercising daily
Listening to Gamma waves daily
Meditating daily (find one that you love on youtube or elsewhere, or spend the time quietly by yourself)
Drinking more water
Infusing your water with fruits and vegetables and herbs
Adding vitamins and or herbs to your daily routine
Drinking specific teas to assist you
Reading / Writing daily
Find a hobby you love and do it daily
Going to sleep, and or waking up at a specific hour
Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet
Eating less meat
Becoming a vegetarian /vegan
Cutting out sugar
Cutting out soda
Cutting out any unhealthy habit
Start dry brushing before showering
Start a new skin care regimine
Do a detox
Replace one meal a day with a smoothie
Make a list of what you love about yourself everyday
Make a list of what you accomplished every day before bed (and note anything you need to work on)

“If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the new bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.” ~ Deepak Chopra

(Same goes for our mind. We don’t have to stay stuck in an old outdated mindset)

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1 thought on “Make a Choice to Make a Change

  1. I’ve started to adopt an idea from meditation teacher Davidji and ask myself every day if I was willing to give myself permission to be the best version of myself I could be. It’s only been a few days but I can already feel a shift. I’ll let you know what happens in 2 weeks!

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