The Sounds of Music

cecilia music

St. Cecilia is an uplifting spirit who brings us joys in life.  She wants us to hear full sounds and tones.  Music is a time honored tradition.  It was celebrated through many ways in ancient times throughout all cultures.  We hear it in nature and feel it in our bones.  Within music we can activate ourselves through positive vibration.  It touches our emotions and stimulates our senses.  Play music from the heart with passion.  Dance with your spirit.  To the beat of the drum goes our mind into an infinite space and time.  The strum of the guitar vibrates our soul.  We are soothed, inspired and healed.

What’s your best way to heal or connect through music?  What is your favorite to listen to and why?

Heather Maria

I am drawn to so many types of music and beats.

After I wrote this I was inspired to play my music while relaxing.  I asked for a sign.  These were the 3 songs that came on.  Very soothing to me.  I connect deeply to them.

In You by Rich Robinson

Alibi by 30 Seconds to Mars

White Flag by The Mayfield Four


I also greatly appreciate drumming and Shamanism.  Drumming opens the heart and is very healing.  It brings a sense of all-being wellness


Drumming is great for meditation and opens up portals to the spirit world allowing you to connect.  It can bring great insight and heighten intuition

It also helps relieves stress, anxiety, depression, pain, boosts immune system, and give a deeper connection with yourself through spirit as drumming accesses the whole brain.


Ancient music is very soothing to the soul.  This is another one I find that has great healing abilities.  It would be great for working with spirit and working with healing energy rituals.


Please let me know what you think and share what music inspires you in the comment section.

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