Working With Healing Energies

Some people have asked me about ceremonies to do so I thought I’d share one that I’ve done. Today I am working with healing energies. We are in the middle of eclipse season and it’s a great time to connect spiritually. Candlelight sets the tone with blue positive energy from the Moroccan Rose, purple happiness and the tan grounding of the earth connecting with patchouli and Frankincense. I smudge the area with Palo Santo and Sage to cleanse, heal and renew. The Palo Santo also known as “holywood’ is from Ecuador an area that promotes healing. The Tibetan Singing Bowl is present as well as loose tobacco in an abalone shell to call upon the Great Spirits. The shell has a soothing, protective, healing energy that promotes peace, beauty, compassion and love. The Devic Temple is also present. The deva’s want to nurture us. They bring along 9 gemstones. The Apophyllite cleanses the 3rd eye and crown chaka allowing the better connect with the Lapis Lazuli. We breath in peace. The clear quartz assists, elevating thoughts an perspective. My favorite smoky quartz promotes balance though out. The Chevron Amethyst works with the quartz, it bring balance to the mind. The purple Lepidolite can help with transformation and brings tranquil balance. Charoite is a power stone for healers. It’s energy assists you in bringing your gifts to the world so everyone can benefit. .Astrophylite infuses your entire system with light. It can move your life forward in a profound way. The moonstone is a magical stone that helps us connect with the divine. It gives us insight and intuition. Archangel Haniel is here to connect. She brings us pure joy and love. The angel white light surrounds us.

healing energies
If you do any ceremonies of your own please feel free to share in the comment section.  I’d love to hear about them!

6 thoughts on “Working With Healing Energies

  1. Great information! Love it!!!

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  2. I love working with crystals and angels! Great post!

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  3. Heya! I love your ceremonial alter! You’ve put lots of thought into this. Magical to share. I have an alter in each room of my house and in my treatment rooms too! I’m obsessed with crystals, smudges, angel cards, sound healing tools and loads of other fun stuff!! My clients love playing with them!

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    1. Your right I did. I love learning and teaching. I would love to gain clients who are interested in what I do in terms of assisting them with my knowledge and my healing abilities.
      It’s nice to be in touch with others who are as interested in all these things as I am. Thanks for stopping by here!

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