Your Heart Sings With The Light

Welcome to the Full Super Blue Blood Moon of 2018, something that hasn’t happened since 1866. It’s a magical time in our life. There is electrical energy flowing.
With the Sun in Aquarius it is progressive, original and inventive. A great time to create and move forward on our hearts desires.
This moon in Leo is charismatic. It is dynamic and full of generosity with a very warm heart. When your heart is open your spirit is engaged and you shine from withing allowing everyone to be in the light. The experience of really living life lifts your heart. When you shine, that light reflect back to you. Your heart sings. Allow it to really sing today. Let go of your head, have fun and celebrate the self. We are creative souls, now is a good time to show your talents.
Remember you are free to be your spontaneous self, never feel that you must hide your TRUE Self from others, for in that you will shine your own light and that will assist other in doing the same. In the light of this moon we also might feel like helping others today, if so, let that be your light. Have a glorious day.

Cleanse, Heal and Renew
2 fire within as always and forever
A Fire Within As Always And Forever

If this resonates with you, please share to spread the light. 🙂

These photos are available for purchase.

~ Heather Maria

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