Life is so very Precious

We all need a release so that we may infuse ourselves with the power of the highest light, shifting frequency and ourselves to the pure being of light from which we were originally created. Work with your heart chakra as a passage way to divine love.

Your heart is most important. It soothes the mind and activates our light as it is the pure center of us and responds only in the love we were born with. Remembering that creates that shift. The Love we have is always there, it is pure, it can’t be polluted.

Let’s live from our heart so that we can produce a world of incredible beings doing only good by sustaining the world with Love.

We are being asked to accept more light into our lives. As we absorb it inward we are able to shine it outward in turn not only affecting everyone we come in contact with but affecting the entire world as we are all connected. Light not only affects our consciousness, it affects our whole being, mind, body spirit and soul. When we take in the light we are balance and centered. The light is peaceful and protective. It loves for us to live there as it is natural to our state.

When we are filled with light we can outstretch our hands full of love. Love touches the heart and soul of every living thing. It creates a bond to life.

Life is so very precious.


2DSC_0225BW K

If this resonates with you in any way please share.  Together we can reach everyone.

Thank you for being here.

With Unconditional Love ~ Heather Maria

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