Your Mind has Powerful Abilities

We the angels know the powerful healing abilities of the mind. We need for you to know this. We encourage you to explore this on different levels. Learn how to meditate from a moment of silence to moments of activity.
Your mind is always capable of guiding you through healing and through your life in a positive powerful manner. We tend to forget this at certain times in our lives. It’s important not to.
It is in your best interest to Love your Mind unconditionally for it is always there willing to help. Talk to it. It listens and responds.
Set your intentions to connect your mind with your body, spirit and soul to create balance. It’s in your highest good. You are then better to know, hear and receive.
Now allow that exquisite vibrational energy to flow head to toe, heaven to earth, in a magical way – envision it – it’s there ready and willing for you to receive.
Please remind each other of this.
We love you.

For some of you this message may be enough. For others who might need more detailed suggestions, please look into what else you may need.

Affirmations are very powerful. Speak to yourself in the way that you recognize. Here are some suggestions. Say them out loud or to yourself as many times a day as you need to.

I am healed at all times on all levels.
I have a powerful lucid mind working for me at all times.
I am connected mind, body, spirit and soul.
I love myself head to toe.
I trust myself.
I hear wisdom flowing through me.
I feel the pure white light flowing out every pore.

Intentions and surrender.
Set your intentions for the day, month, year, and/or for your entire life. Then surrender to them. It’s powerful to do this once a day.
A general intention would state… I intend to live a healthy, prosperous, happy life where I do not have to worry about time, energy, health or money and I get to do what I want to do.
If you have a type of career you want, put it out there in an intention. Call on angels to assist.

There are different ways to meditate.
Before or after you meditate is a good time to set your intentions and state your affirmations.

Morning meditation as the sun rises is optimal. Sun is our lifeforce. It brings us rejuvenation everyday. We thank it in gratitude for being there.

Drop your head to your heart and concentrate on your breath. You may sit in silence for as long as you need. During or after this time of connecting with yourself, you may want to connect to the earth. Ask to align yourself from your soul chakra to the earth chakra, divinity to earth in balance. The angels may assist you in this.

Feel the light of your soul, the love of your heart and the wisdom of your mind to lead your through your day.

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8 thoughts on “Your Mind has Powerful Abilities

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad it was comforting to you Barb 🙂


  1. Thank you for these beautiful words! They are powerful and healing ❤

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    1. thank you for your lovely comment & that you saw them as powerful and healing 🙂


  2. Hi Heather, I love this post. I especially love the affirmations. So right on. Thank you! Kathleen

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  3. Beautiful blog! I especially love the line, “Now allow that exquisite vibrational energy to flow head to toe, heaven to earth, in a magical way.” Thank you!

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