2018 The year of Magic

As 2018 arises we are called upon to set our intentions for this magical year.  We must make sure they are from our authentic self  so that we may all live our meaningful lives like we never have before.

We must know who and what will bring us true happiness.

The last four years have not been what they were meant to be.  What we have been trying to start wouldn’t fully come to fruition..Times are changing.  With 2018 we now have a way to start anew.  All we need to do is communicate properly to ourselves.  We can’t move forward if we don’t stay on our path that was meant for us 4 years ago.

If we live with integrity in our hearts we can do this with ease.  No worries.
Just Remember…

2With light and love

4 thoughts on “2018 The year of Magic

  1. Thank you Heather! We choose to live with intergrity and intentionally this year!

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  2. I believe that living in integrity is the key. Beautiful post!


  3. Stunning photos and beautiful words! Love your message! Blessings for an amazing 2018!


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