Important Message


Shift out of your consciousness into reality, you know the truth of who you are really are, we were never separated.

Don’t believe the lies. See thought humanity we were lead to believe lies from energetic beings who didn’t want us to be who we really are, they created blockages and subliminal messages to keep us apart and keep us off our path of who truly loves us. There are 3 of us who created a whole infinite universe. There was one beautiful soul who had a vision of all types of beings to live in harmony on every planet throughout the universe into the galaxy extending into the cosmos. Venus was first, then Mars. There was one being who tried to destroy us all. IT was jealous and hateful of the way we did things. I don’t know if I’ll ever know why. IT thought about everything we did out of love and turned it to the opposite. Soon it’s evil ways spread using our positive powers for negativity. Once IT destroyed Mars we created Earth. Thinking it would be protected. It was for awhile but evil again found it’s way. That harm has been throughout civilization. We have battled it constantly.
We now need to create a whole new level of consciousness, there has been a major wake up call regarding this.

We need keen awareness to release what was never us! Use your instincts. Dig deep to separate yourself from the lies. We must believe in who we are at all times because these beings created lies…so many LIES. They created sickness and disease infecting us with doubt and hate and anger and fear. They used their thoughts to confuse your mind making it feel like it was running around in circles until they found a way to penetrate it.
Please spread this message. It’s important.

Our life is here on Earth connected in a special way to the Universe.
There are visions and dreams coming alive
stay focused into reality
we need a world based on Trust & Belief in the Honest Truth

*** Note I wrote this in December 2017

It’s from the One and Only Mother God

Heather Maria


When I wrote this back in December it’s because I thought it would help.  Too many things have been kept quiet for much too long.   I let this information out now because knowledge and truth help us have an understanding that in turn creates change.  When you have a form of understanding it allows you to heal.

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