Open The Mind

5th type of Brain Wave ~Gamma
Neural Synchrony
All your brain cells fire at the same time in turn releasing a higher state of consciousness at all times.


As I listen to these beats it will induce gamma waves raised to my highest potential so that my mind/brain will HEAL allowing me to open up to all the knowledge and information I need in turn remembering who we truly were at our very first state of being.

This really helped open my mind.  There are other YouTube videos as well.  It is best to use with headphones.

Has anyone else used similar beats and frequencies for various reasons?



4 thoughts on “Open The Mind

  1. I use humming on chakra frequencies as a way to open the mind and heal the body. Similar to using singing bowls but the experience is internal.

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  2. Hi Heather Maria! As Always, great post! I love working with all 5 brain wave energies!! It is always opening and enlightening.


  3. I have a CD that I got from my niece that has music with ocean sounds and binaural beats underneath the music. It absolutely calms, relaxes, and inspires me every time I listen to it.

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  4. Love this Maria! Yes I do often. I have been creating some new classes working with the different waves…:)Love it!

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