Nature is a reflection

Water is the life force behind all things in nature, the ebbs and flows of life. Nature is classic, timeless and eternal. Feel the peacefulness, breathe in the air, listen to the sounds, see the colors, find beauty in it all. Within water the release of creativity, clarity and reflection is found. Allow yourself to absorb the healing energy. Some of my best meditations have to do with water. Nature itself is adventurous, it is willing and powerful. Nature’s water is so healing it is a conduit to the mind. I myself use gemstones and wear essential oils to do rituals while dancing in view of water with the light of candles or the sun. It’s a passion of mine.

There is a song written for the world. It views life as a miracle. It adds deep strength and positivity to the world. It’s full of grand inspiration in the way it fills peoples hearts and souls. It touches the mind with a vision.
Jared and Shannon have a way of looking at life that is authentic. They are artistic geniuses. They know people and they know music in ways that other people don’t.
I believe the upcoming film will allow you to dance with your spirit. For now they have a video for their latest single, Walk On Water which you can find on YouTube from Thirty Seconds to Mars.


4 thoughts on “Nature is a reflection

  1. I have always felt closer to God and my creative spirit when I’m near water. Lovely post.

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  2. Such a beautiful post! I live near the ocean. I feel empowered by its beauty and vastness. Sitting by the shore and listening to the crashing waves always stimulates my creativity.

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