Heather Maria

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My belief is the wellness of the mind, body, spirit and soul. Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I am a:
High Priestess
Reiki Master
Divine Intuitive
Healing Artist
Divine Inspirationalist
Divine Life Coach
Divine Being

What I offer:
Whole Wellness
Heart Wellness
Energy Healing
Shamanic Practices
Whole Body Health
Ancient Apothecary
Divine Beauty, Wisdom and Wellness
Divine Spiritual Alchemy
Ancient Star Wisdom and Astrology
Goddess Wisdom
The Teachings of Jesus, Mary and Mary
Rites, Rituals and Runes
Angel, Oracle and Tarot card readings
Channeled Messages
Life Path Numerology
Life and Heart Path consultations and assistance
Healing and Divine Art to reconnect you with life and nature
Reiki Art and Photography
Mother God Principals
A connection the Divine
I offer assistance to whichever life path you may be on and where ever you wish to go.

Heather Maria



June 2018

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